News from Hegyvidék

Mandatory mask wear. According to the government's decision, a mask must be worn on public transport, railway stations and stops from 1 November. Even before the government’s announcement, the Hegyvidék Municipality had decided that in its cultural and sports institutions, those over the age of six should wear a mask covering both mouth and nose to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In sports facilities pool areas are exemption of the rule. In case of visiting the mayor's office, wearing a mask for clients has been mandatory since mid-October. For those who do not have a suitable mask, the municipality will provide a medical one.

Screening for circulatory diseases. A screening day will be organized at the Városmajor Clinic of Semmelweis University (XII, Városmajor utca 68) on November 6 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The program, implemented in cooperation with the Hegyvidék Municipality, the SzívSN National Patients' Association, and the clinic, includes blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level, as well as ECG testing. Tests are performed on an empty stomach, and only water can be consumed as a liquid. Pre-registration is required for participation: you can register on working-days from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the phone number +36-20-825-8084.

Movies in English. The 007 - No Time To Die action thriller and the sci-fi Dune and Eternals will be screened in English (with Hungarian subtitles) in MOM Cinema (XII, Alkotás utca 53). As part of the Mom Cinema Rock Club series, a digitally renovated version of the 1968 Live at the Hollywood Bowl, the only full-length concert of the legendary band The Doors, will be presented on November 4 from 7 p.m.

Jazz generations. Outstanding Hungarian jazz musicians, such as Balázs Berkes, Tamás Berki, Mihály Borbély, József Bordás, Kornél Fekete-Kovács and Attila László, will perform at this year's 30-year-old Hungarian Jazz Association's end-of-the-year event at MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18.) on November 4 from 7 p.m.

Moldavian Csango dance house. The Zurgó ensemble is waiting for its old and new friends in the Moldavian Csango Hungarian dance house on November 5 from 8 p.m. The venue for joint dancing and singing is the dome hall of MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18).

Film music concert. The string orchestra, the girls' choir, and wind and percussion teachers and students of the György Solti Music School will present „The Great Film Music Concert” at MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18) on November 7 from 6 p.m. The evening will be featured by catchy melodies from the Star Wars, The Beauty and the Beast, and The Chorus, but the main theme of one of the most popular series in recent years, Game of Thrones, will also be performed by Milan Bolla.

Slavic choral music. The Panslavian Chamber Choir will sing at the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon (XII, Törpe utca 2) on November 9 from 4 p.m. The six-member ensemble, which has won choral competitions and plays several instruments, promotes the choral music of the Slavic peoples, primarily the Russians, and its repertoire includes mainly folk songs.

Rymden. A Scandinavian trio, Rymden, will perform on November 10 from 8 p.m. at MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18) as part of the GetCloser Jazz Fest. The Swedish musicians Dan Berglund (bass) and Magnus Öström (drums), who form the rhythm section of the former Esbjörn Svensson Trio (e.s.t), together with the world-famous Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft, create the successful formation.

Gábor Kollmann Quintet. Gábor Kollmann's saxophonist and fellow musicians, Zsolt Bér (trumpet, wing horn), Zoltán Csanyi (piano), Viktor Hárs (bass) and János Sramkó (drums) will give a concert at the Jókai Club (XII, Hollós út 5) on November 12 from 7 p.m. The members of the band perform in many different formations, but we can rarely hear them in the quintet line-up, which is one of the cornerstones of jazz, which gives the production its uniqueness.

Operetta program. Brigitta Pethő-Tóth and Gábor Gencsev will fly into the magical world of Hungarian operetta with our program entitled Operetta at the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon (XII, Törpe utca 2) on November 13 from 6 p.m.
KCB Collective.
With the performance of KCB Collective, the GetCloser Jazz Fest will continue at MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18) on November 16 from 7 p.m. The ensemble of three successful jazz musicians, Benjamin Koppel (saxophone), Scott Colley (bass) and Brian Blade (drums), promises a unique musical experience.
Ambrose Akinmusire Quartet.
Immediately after the concert of the KCB Collective, on November 16 at 8:45 p.m., Ambrose Akinmusire will also be staged at MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18).
Exhibition of ceramic pictures.
The exhibition of amateur ceramicists Ica Szabó and Veronika Tarcsafalvi entitled The Magic of Ceramic Pictures November 8-28 can be viewed in the Gallery Room of the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon (XII, Törpe utca 2).