News from Hegyvidék

New sculpture in the district. The statue of Baron Loránd Eötvös (1848-1919) was set up in the Chestnut Garden, in the vicinity of the BAH road junction. The Hungarian physician, politician, academician, university teacher - also the eponym of the largest Hungarian University - was one of the most famous former residents of the district. One of his houses he had built for himself is still standing on the Sváb Hill.

The cinema of MOM Park is reopened. The cinema in the MOM Park shopping centre operates again under the name of CinemaMOM with a new operator (XII, Alkotás utca 53). The premier films “007 - No Time To Die” and ”Free Guy” will be projected this week in English language, with English subtitles, and the Hungarian dramas titled “The Story Of My Wife” and the “Toxikoma” will also debut now. The digitally restored version of classic film “Szegénylegények” (The Round-up) may be also seen on the occasion that its director, Miklós Jancsó would be 100 years old this year.

Social Design Network symposium and exhibition. Interested people are awaited by lectures, round-table discussions covering the topic of social design on October 14, as the official program of the Budapest Design Week 2021 festival, at the Moholy-Nagy Art University (XII, Zugligeti út 9-25). The Social Futures exhibition will be opened one day before the symposium, on October 13 at 19.00 hours, and it will be open until October 22. At this exhibition, the students of the European universities working in the network - among others of the MOME, the Elisava of Barcelone and the Universität der Künste Berlin - will present their works reflecting the societal, ecological problems.

Voca People - Thank You for The Music. The Voca People are again in Hungary after seven years, its members will present evergreen songs only with voice, in a radically new and witty version! The program of the ensemble may be seen at 17.00 and at 20.00 hours on October 9 in the Budapest Congress Centre (XII, Jagelló út 1-3).

Iliza - The Forever Tour. This is the first time that Iliza Shlesinger - the actress worldwide renowned for her stand up performances - will be on stage in Budapest, in the framework of her new, international tour titled “The Forever Tour”. The venue of her performances of October 12 and October 13 is MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18).

Budapest Bár concert. In the framework of the Jewish Art Days, the concerts of Budapest Bár will be hosted by MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18) on October 17 at 19.00 hours, with guest singers Dóri Behumi, László Kollár-Klemencz, András Lovasi, Juci Németh and Krisztián Szűcs. Literature is also a part of the coffee palace atmosphere that became the trademark of the ensemble, which is taken care of on this occasion by Krisztián Grecsó writer, poet, and song composer.

GetCloser Jazz Fest. The GetCloser jazz festival is continued in MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18). The performance of Mike Stern & Bill Evands Band will start at 20.00 hours on October 19, the Párniczky Quartet will appear on stage at 19.00 hours on October 20, while the Jakob Bro Quartet will be seen on the stage on the same day at 20.45 in the MOM Cultural Centre.

Art days on the occasion of the World Day of the Elderly in the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon. An exhibition may be seen from the works of old people in the Hegyvidék Cultural Salon (XII, Törpe utca 2) from October 5 until November 4. The program of the Con Fuoco Clarinet Quartet titled “Hangok szárnyán a Föld körül” (On the wings of voices around the world) may be heard on October 7 from 16.00 hours. We may join on October 8, at 13.30 hours, the contemporary creative group of Dr. Éva Schmidt (Piroska) art teacher, painter, and Eddi Schmidt; and starting with 18.30 hours the music performance of Sanzon+ presenting the relationship of French chanson and Hungarian literature awaits those interested. Entry is free, but it is tied to registration.

Photographic Exhibition. Under the title of “Vintage Irons” graphic artist Gábor Sós presents his photographical works that were inspired by Oldtimer events, between October 1-31 in the Reich Károly Gallery of MOMkult (XII, Csörsz utca 18).

Budapest cogwheel railway shutdown. The Budapest cogwheel railway will not operate until November 16 due to track maintenance works. Replacement bus 60 carries the passengers between the Sváb Hill and the Széchenyi Hill. Replacement buses 60A and 60B start their route at “Szent János Kórház” for serving the vicinity of bus stops “Orgonás” and “Esze Tamás school”. These latter buses operate on weekdays outside peak times (9.00-14.00 and 18.00-19.00 hours), and on weekends and on holidays during the entire operating time (6.00-19.00 hours) according to the demand. Therefore, you have to indicate your travelling demand either online on the website or at client service phone number +36-1/3-255-255.